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Powder Hound Pet Recommended Co. Split Quality inspection Elk Chew Antler Great Dog for Active

Powder Hound Pet Co. Split Elk Antler Dog Chew, Great for Active


Powder Hound Pet Co. Split Elk Antler Dog Chew, Great for Active


Product Description

About Split Elk Antler Dog ChewsAbout Split Elk Antler Dog Chews

Split Elk Antler Dog Chews Are the Long-Lasting Dog Chews That Get Your Dog Right To The Delicious Marrow

Antlers are made of calcium and phosphorus. This makes the antlers easy on your dog's stomach and can even sooth pre-existing conditions. Additionally, they are naturally stock full of glucosamine and iron, making these chews excellent for your dog's joints and bones. Chewing these antlers also cleans your dog's teeth effectively and naturally. Lastly, because of the composition and density of the antler that differs from bone, these chews will not splinter making them a safer, longer-lasting alternative to other chew toys.

All Natural Antler Dog ChewsAll Natural Antler Dog Chews

About Antlers

Every year mature male elk grow and shed a set of antlers. As the antlers begin to grow in the springtime they are soft, filled with vessels, and covered in a fuzzy skin called velvet. As the animals’ hormones fluctuate with the mating season the antlers start to harden at the base where the antler meets the skull, cutting off the blood supply to the velvet and causing it to fall off, revealing the shiny, hard, dark brown antler underneath.

During mating season the fully hardened antlers are used to mark the animal's territory and spar with other males; both of which help determine male dominance within the herd. After the mating season ends in winter these antlers are shed naturally by the animal. If left in the wild, these antlers are chewed on by squirrels, chipmunks, birds, mink, beaver, and even wolves who all enjoy the nutritional benefits antlers have to offer.


During the spring-time shedding season these antlers are collected off the ground where the elk sheds them. This practice allows us to minimize our impact on the habitat in which the elk live and to provide a sustainable, cruelty-free, eco-conscious dog treat.

Each Powder Hound Pet Company antler is a cut piece of 100% all-natural shed antler from North American elk. These chews are all-natural and unprocessed. Antler dog chews are extra durable and long-lasting to stand up to even the most energetic chewers. Unlike rawhide, these chews are not only 100% digestible, they provide nutrients unparalleled in any manufactured product.

About Powder Hound Pet Company "noscript"About Powder Hound Pet Company

About Powder Hound Pet Company

We love our dogs and we are passionate about the outdoors. We believe that dogs deserve the best. We believe the best is single ingredient natural chews and treats that are as beneficial for your dog as they are delicious!


When we brought our first puppy home we quickly discovered how much he loved antlers that we had lying around the house from various rocky mountain adventures. We started doing tons of research on whether or not they were safe for him to chew and we came to discover that they are one of the best and safest chews for puppies and dogs of all sizes. We learned that they didn't splinter like some other bones and that they were full of wholesome ingredients like calcium and magnesium. Most interesting was how long they lasted and what an incredible job they do of cleaning your dog's teeth as they chew.


It was then that we decided to set out on a mission to bring your dogs the same great antlers we could find for our dog. And the rest is history, every year we set out on horseback during shed season to find the best and highest quality dog chews for your dog at the best prices.


We've always been a family-run small business and are proud to serve you the best products doing what we love- exploring the mountains.


Our customers give us 2 paws up!

Size ChartSize Chart

Dog Size = Antler Size

Choosing an antler from Powder Hound Pet Company is as simple as matching your dog size to the antler size!

Buying the right size antler for your dog not only helps ensure that it will last the longest amount of time, but it also helps limit choking hazards.

Antler longevity comes from weight; not length of the antler. All of our antlers are designated according to weight to make sure that the sizing stays consistent with your dogs size.

If your dog is an extra heavy or aggressive chewer, we recommend buying the next size up from where your dog size falls on the chart above. This will help make sure your dog takes a longer amount of time to chew through the antler.

Safety Reminder:

When the antler gets small enough that your dog could potentially try to swallow- its time to take the antler away and get a new one!

Powder Hound Pet Co. Split Elk Antler Dog Chew, Great for Active

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